Sparkling luminous wine label, sparkling and lovable

The use of EL to make luminous wine label is simply to add a layer of EL on the back of the ordinary wine label, and then cleverly integrate the power supply to the bottle, and then connect them through a flexible circuit, so that the luminous wine label has the original trademark meaning, but also has a unique luminous element, endless eye-catching, but also can cover the brand 360 degrees. Nowadays, the EL Light wine label has become the first choice for champagne, wine and other evening, bar and KTV wine advertising.
From the original copper print to the print to the transparent material surface, the glow-in-the-dark element plus partial color (only color, green, red, yellow or blue) to create a memorable wine label is essential for your product range, and if you want people to pay more attention to your brand, then luminous wine label is our most recommended.

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