Light up T-shirt

Light up T-Shirt, Perfect for night clubs, election gatherings, music festivals, concerts, parties, new store openings, mall discounts and promotions, New Year's Day and other occasions to enhance the atmosphere

Electro Luminescent T-Shirt

Type EL Panel T Shirt
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name TOP CLOUD
Gender Unisex
Material 100% Cotton

EL T Shirt is:
EL panel T-shirt ,Perfect for music festivals, raves and parties. You’ve got to get the sound activated light up t-shirt. The very latest EL technology with inverter comes in a 100% cotton t-shirt.
EL t-shirts are unusual clothes that have a shining element mounted – EL panel. The panel is powered by AAA batteries or lithium batteries. The T-shirt reacts to sound and the EL panel lights up in a specific sequence,of course, you can customize the controls any way you want.

– activated by sound
– sound sensitivity adjustment
– various colors and sizes available
– various animation patterns available, the ability to design your own graphic composition

Lead time
Quantity (pieces)100
Lead time (days)7
Maximum order quantity: 10 piece
Sample price:$6.00/piece

Light up T-Shirts is a very good at wine brand to promote the light gift

This electroluminescent flashing T-Shirt will have everyone envious with the music activated equaliser panel. The Sound activated LED Light up comes with music sensor, inverter and paper like equaliser panel. It flashes and glows with the rhythm of the music and the beat of the sound. These amazing animated electroluminescent t-shirt are awesome for raves, night clubs, fancy dress and parties. So,The luminous T-shirt is very suitable for making luminous wine gifts, luminous wine derivatives.

Light up T-shirt

SZELmainly applies EL and LED technology to develop and produce luminescent T-shirts. The main products developed include Light-up DJ Mixer T Shirt, LED T Shirt, LED light up T-shirt, Light-up DJ Mixer T Shirt, Sound activated EL Light up Tshirt, EL T Shirt, Electro Luminescent T-Shirt, activated light up tee shirt, etc


Electro Luminescent T-Shirt,Perfect for the promotion of wine brands in bar

Sound activated EL Light up Tshirt
EL Light up Tshirt

EL Light up Tshirt, Perfect for music festivals, raves and parties.

LED T-Shirt

LED T-Shirt, Good for celebrating anything.

Luminous Festival Wear
Luminous Festival Wear

Glowing Christmas Festival Wear

Light T-Shirts
Light up T-Shirts

EL Panel Tshirts, Perfect for night clubs and bars

EL Panel Tshirts
EL Light up Tshirt

EL T Shirt, Perfect for music or dance fans and sports fans.

Electro Luminescent T-Shirt
Electro Luminescent T-Shirt

activated light up tee-shirt,Suitable for national holiday celebration

EL T Shirt
Sound activated EL Light up Tshirt

Light-up DJ Mixer T Shirt is interesting.

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