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Manufacturers and Suppliers of products such as Luminous Restaurant Menu, LED Menu, LED Menu, LED Menu Book, Luminous Menu, Luminous Label,luminous bottle labels etc. We Love to Hear from You! We will reply to you in the shortest time.
Shenzhen Shengfeng Electroluminescence Technology Co., Ltd

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Our Shengfeng(SZEL) is engaged in the development and sales of EL and LED advertising display products and promotional lighting gifts. Our main products: Luminous Menu, Luminous Label, Luminous bottle labels, Luminous Restaurant Menu, LED Menu, LED Menu Book, etc

Our products are sold all over the world, especially in Europe, America and Australia,  We have developed many  luminous products, such as luminous concepts applied to cosmetics boxes, wine boxes, shoes boxes, helmets, as long as you can imagine, we can help you achieve.Quality and innovation are always our persistent pursuit. Welcome to contact us, share your idea, we shall make your bright idea brighter.

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