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Luminous label for wine and spirits, Illuminate LED Menu, Luminous packaging, Light up shirt manufacturer and supplier

Luminous Champagne label, Illuminate Menu, Luminous packaging, Light up shirt production factory

Shenzhen Shengfeng  Electroluminescence Technology Co., Ltd. (the company name will be referred to as “SZEL”).  In 2008 while the bleak economy crisis is going through the world, we saw lost people looking for an enlightenment in those dark and grim nights. 
Everyone hoped for a spark of light, that would shine trough the darkness.

Finally, we found this spark of light, that lit up everyones eyes with new excitement.

It’s not an ordinary bottle of champagne anymore, it’s not an ordinary order anymore and especially it’s not an ordinary night out  anymore, it becomes an unforgettable and charming memory with your beloved friends. 

Welcome to our world of light, an unforgettable experience for everyone, with our new luminous bottle labels, luminous menu cards and EL light-up T-shirt

Boutique Categories

backlit menu

lighted menu covers

Lighted menu covers, led menu for Restaurants, bars, coffee shops

illuminatde label

luminous wine labels

Reusable luminous wine labels,luminous bottle labels,led label for champagne and red wine


Luminous advertisement

A unique, dynamic, and luminous advertisement for Wine brand

Luminous wine box

luminous packing

Custom Packaging Boxes to lead the packaging box to generate light entirely or locally

EL light up T-shirt

EL light-up T-shirt

Perfect for music festivals, raves, night clubs, election gatherings and parties

Real application cases of LED menus products in dim environments such as restaurants and bars

illuminated menus

illuminated menu

Amplify your brand’s presence with an illuminated menu

LED bar menu

LED bar menu

LED bar menu goes beyond a traditional paper menu

led backlit menu covers

LED Menu Covers

LED Menu Covers as Prime Choice for Beverage Brand and Gifts

LED table stands thumb

LED table stands

LED menu and LED table stand designed for annual promotion

LED MENU customization service

Led menu customization

we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and most personalized experience possible.

Customized LED wine menus

Customized LED wine menus

Customized high-quality LED wine menus are suitable for bars, cafes, parties and other dim light places

Real application cases of Luminous labels products in dim environments such as restaurants and bars

EL champagne label

How is a EL champagne label made by EL Luminous Label Factory?

voice control luminous label

Voice controlled EL luminous labels

EL luminous labels are a creative and fun way to make your products or projects stand out

LED luminous bottle label thumb

LED luminous bottle label

LED luminous bottle label can attract attention and increase sales in bars

luminous wine label

luminous wine label

Sparkling luminous wine label, sparkling and lovable

led label

LED label

LED label for SZEL

Customized LED wine menus

Customized LED wine label

EL labels that use electroluminescent (EL) technology to create a glowing effect on wine bottless

Real application video of EL advertising products in advertising in various industries

Panasonic customized a unique and shimmery EL advertisement for its washing machine launch event

We customized an animated poster for Pepsi

The unicorn EL luminous acrylic advertising signboard, which replaces the neon light with EL, innovatively adopts magnetic contact to enhance the customer’s experience

The CASS brand customized an EL advertising poster in the shape of a wine bottle. You can tear off the adhesive on the back and stick it on the advertising space

Nestlé has replaced traditional printed advertisements with EL animated advertisements

Jack Daniel’s ordered this customized EL backlit to give to his suppliers, which can be easily stuck on the wall



Production lines

Professional product manufacturing line



Designated producer of the famous wine and beverage Fortune 500



Provided illuminated LED Menu for more than 3,000 restaurants and bars around the world


Annual output

Produces 100,000+ illuminated LED Menu each year


Annual output

Produces 200,000+ illuminated wine labels each year

Strong Factory Strength

Guarantee of high-quality

Main Product: EL panel; LED illuminated menu; Backlit and dynamic luminous advertising;luminous bottle label; EL Car Stickers; EL dashboard.

  • SGS ln-depth Certification

Why Choose Us

Manufacturers and suppliers of LED menu, Luminous packaging, Luminous label and other EL products

Established in 2008

SZEL has 15+ Years business, We provide best product & best Service

Audit Certification

Our products have obtained CE, Rohs and other certifications, our factory has passed SEDEX, TUV, BV, ITS and other social responsibility factory inspections

Our Philosophy

Honesty first, personality supreme, innovation and quality guarantee

Our Capacity

SZEL has excellent Technology R & D team, Mold R & D design ability, own production plant.

Trademark brands & Patents

We have own trademark SZEL, we have more than 10 product patents.

Perfect One-stop

SZEL can provide you with a perfect one-stop luminous product solution from research and development, production, QC inhouse, transportation

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