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SZEL is a professional manufacturer of luminescent labels. It’s a best way to make your champagne brand stand out from the crowd. You must come to SZEL to find the most useful luminous labels.

Why choose a luminous label?  the label needs to be memorable, reflective of the brand, and communicate all needed information. Most of the existing labels are directly glued to the surface of the wine bottle, with poor waterproof performance, In the darkness, it’s impossible to identify it. SZEL can help you realize custom luminous labels, that illuminate your brand…and the atmosphere around it!Whatever your product, with our bespoke luminous labels, you’ll make your packaging unique…even at night! If you want to make sure that you get the most out of your marketing strategy and budget. One way to maximize your promotions is through effective branding and pushing the boat out with interesting labeling and packaging. Now it’s mostly used in champagne. If you want to choose the fantastic light up labels with best quality and elegant craftsmanship, you must come to SZEL to find the most useful luminous labels. It’s a best way to make your champagne brand stand out from the crowd.
As a professional factory operating for 15+ years, we began to develop, produce, and sell luminous labels in 2010, and we provide services for many famous brands to make luminous labels.Welcome to contact us

Classic Mode

SZEL is Luminous labels maker

Made by Electroluminescent technology with external base.

Description Features:

  • Ultra-thin, flexible, thickness less than 1mm
  • Label backside includes waterproof adhesive
  • External base is waterproof
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Function: static light mode, flash mode, sound activated mode.
  • A variety of base molds available. (Suitable for champagne sparkling bottles 700/750ml, magnum (1.5L)

There is a small switch at the bottom of the bottle. When turned on, the label lights up. It emits a glowing luminescence for up to 6-10 hours – a great addition to any celebration and the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast! With its excellent waterproof performance, it can be placed in the ice bucket, water and refrigerated in the freezer.

Image Gallery of Custom EL luminous label

Light Up when power on

operation procedure of Luminous Label
Customized multi flash EL illuminated wine label
The glowing wine bottle label can flash
Voice Controled EL Luminous Label
Voice Controlled Luminous Label
Multiple Luminous EL labels on a wine bottle for advertising

Integrated Mode

SZEL is Luminous labels maker

  • The perfect combination of EL label and LED label further strengthens the brand and refreshes its presence at night For different types of bottles, we have created more labeling modes. We have developed the integrated luminous label with external base, integrated luminous label, which was patented. LED luminous label, integrated mode, without an external base, the application scope of the label is greatly improved, and the user experience is improved. This product structure allows the luminous label to be applied to more bottles of different shapes.

Made by LED or EL technology without external base. Description Features:

  • Unique shape perfect match bottle body
  • Label backside includes waterproof adhesive
  • Printing, circuits, batteries, switches are all-in-one
  • No external base. Easier installation
  • Higher brightness, longer battery endurance
  • Waterproof design. Patented quality

Image Gallery of Custom Led luminous label

Integrated Plus Mode

It’s an advanced version of the integration mode, it has all the advantages of Integrated Mode,Be illuminated by Luminous Label Champagne.  Just push the button & feel that special vibe Enjoy the night, be the center of attention & let the party never end!

Upgrade points:

  • It’s rechargeable (** magnetic charging**)
  • It’s removeable (Integrated Mode with strap)
  • It’s reusable, more environmentally friendly

operation procedure of Integrated Plus Mode


Display Type Mode

Display type luminous wine label, EL cold light wine bottle sticker, luminous bottle sticker, wine label advertising board

Product features:

1.  With EL as the light source, the wine label is made into a luminous one, replacing the traditional printed label. The label is ultra-thin and flat (0.12~0.4mm), and can emit curved light. The luminous color is rich and can be made into a complex color flash. The light is uniform and soft, does not produce heat, and does not contain ultraviolet rays. It has high luminous efficiency and low power consumption.
——> 1. The illuminated label is made of Electroluminescence Technology. it can replace the traditional printed label be sticked on the bottle directly. The EL label is ultra-thin( 0.12-0.4mm), flexible with rich luminous colors, can be animated; The light is uniform, soft and not dazzling; It has high luminous efficiency and low power consumption.

2. Just plug in the power supply, so you don’t have to consider replacing the battery.
——> 2. Powered by mains, used indoor.(Battery operated, also optional)

3. Long lifespan, it can display for 8000-20000 hours.
——> 3. Life span could be up to 8000 Hrs or more depending on the panel’s environment, driving condition and duty cycle.

4. Easy to use. The back of the EL light label has a specific double-sided tape. Just tear off backside paper, stick it to the bottle, and electricity can be connected.

Product Application:
ect for nightclubs, parties, bars, promotions, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other similar occasions. Custom brand label design, color, and lighting features are available for promotional, premium, and advertising purposes.

Please be prepared with:
Your label source file;
The physical bottle.
——> Please send us your label artwork(vector file), the specification sheet of the bottle and one bottle sample before samples/mass production.

The advantages of our luminous wine label products:

1. We are the manufacturer for luminous wine labels, has nearly 20 years of experience. We have been serving for many famous brand enterprise, we developed & produced the glowing labels for lots of brands Champagne, tequila, whiskey. With excellent development capabilities, mature technology, high-quality products, and unique design solutions, we have won orders and established long-term cooperative relations with brands.

2.Our products have been produced in accordance with CE, ROHS, FCC certification requirements, and obtained relevant certificates and reports.

3.The power supply we provided with the luminous label is in line with CE, RoHS and FCC standards too. The product is suitable for air transportation and sea transportation conditions, no limits for export.

4. The disposable label type is waterproof which is the basic feature. The waterproof level even can reaches IP6-7.

5. During the production, from semi-finished products to packaging and shipping, our products undergo a total of 3 rounds of 100% full inspection to ensure each product is 100% QC Passed before delivery.

Quality is our belief, the pursuit of perfection, only to present the best quality products to every customer.

Image Gallery of EL cold light wine bottle sticker


Patents For luminous bottle labels

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SZEL is a supplier of a series of creative luminous products, including  luminous bottle labels,, luminous POS signs, and luminous display racks. Luminous label maker

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