Electroluminescence, also known as electric field luminescence (EL), refers to the phenomenon of electric current passing through a substance or the substance emitting light under a strong electric field. It is sometimes referred to as cold light in consumer goods production. Electroluminescent materials include zinc sulfide doped with copper and silver, blue diamonds (containing boron), gallium arsenide, etc.It consists of a back electrode layer, an insulation layer, a luminescent layer, a transparent electrode layer, and a surface protective film. It utilizes the characteristics of luminescent materials that generate light under the action of an electric field to convert electrical energy into light energy. At present, the research direction of electroluminescence mainly focuses on the application of organic materials, with the existing application being electroluminescent displays (ELDs), EL MENULuminous Labelbacklit menu , EL stickers etc.

Characteristics of EL sheets
Ultra thin and flat (0.12-0.4mm), lightweight.
Can emit light on curved surfaces and be made into any shape.
Rich in luminous colors, it can be made into complex colored flashes.
The light is uniform and soft.
It does not generate heat and does not contain ultraviolet rays.
High luminous efficiency and low power consumption.
Long lifespan
Anti vibration, maintenance free.
Other related products:
Cold light films, cold light strips, advertising animations, chest plates, car stickers, backlighting, and more can all be made. Please contact us for consultation.

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