illuminated champagne labels

M champagne brand's exquisitely illuminated champagne labels

Introducing our Exquisite Illuminated champagne Labels: Making a Dazzling Statement Worldwide

At our factory, we specialize in crafting captivating illuminated liquor labels that leave a lasting impression. This time, we proudly present a custom batch designed for a Champagne brand, featuring their iconic logo. These eye-catching labels are destined to captivate distributors and consumers alike, spreading their allure across the globe.

When it comes to attracting attention and creating a memorable brand experience, our illuminated champagne labels take the spotlight. The fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology ensures that every bottle adorned with our labels becomes a stunning masterpiece.

Picture this: a bottle of Champagne glimmers with sophistication as its illuminated label casts a radiant glow, elevating the brand’s presence to new heights. With every pour and celebration, this unique visual spectacle becomes a talking point, stimulating intrigue and excitement among consumers.

    Uniquely designed for international distribution, our illuminated champagne labels harmonize with diverse cultural preferences. They radiate elegance, creating an unmistakable allure across continents. That’s why they are favored by top Champagne brands seeking to leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

luminous label for M champagne
illuminated champagne labels


Crafted with meticulous precision, these labels perfectly showcase the brand’s logo, accentuating its identity and reinforcing recognition worldwide. The illuminated effect enhances brand perception, making each bottle a luxurious and sought-after collector’s item.

We understand that in the competitive world of global trade, standing out is key to success. Our illuminated champagne labels provide a distinctive edge that sets your brand apart. From trade shows to store shelves, they attract attention, spur curiosity, and ultimately drive sales.

When it’s time to make a statement that resonates on an international scale, choose our illuminated liquor labels. Take your brand to new heights, captivating audiences with a mesmerizing visual experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Contact us today to discuss your illuminated liquor label requirements and let us illuminate your brand on the global stage. Embrace the power of light and prestige, and illuminate your success.The manufacturer of Illuminated Wine Label products is Shenzhen Shengfeng (SZEL)

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