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SZEL is a manufacturer of a series of creative luminous products, including LED menu covers, luminous bottle labels, luminous packaging, luminous POS signs, and luminous display racks. Creative luminous products perfect for nightclubs, parties, bars, promotions, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other similar occasions. Custom brand label design, color, and lighting features are available for promotional, premium, and advertising purposes.


Welcome to LightUpIdeas, we are the division of Shenzhen Shengfeng  Electroluminescence Technology Co., Ltd. (the company name will be referred to as “SZEL”) located in Shenzhen, China. SZEL is founded in 2008 and have our own production plants. SZEL is a company committed to the development and production of luminous advertising promotional products for the brands, our strength is in our capacity to imagine, innovate, and create custom packaging, POS displays and other items that respect your product and your brand identity. We adhere to the concept of Honesty first, personality supreme, innovation and quality guarantee, relying on excellent research and development ability and advanced brand concept, combined with rigorous and meticulous production management, we enjoy high reputation among our clients.
We have developed a series of creative luminous products such as illuminated LED menu coverluminous bottle label, luminous packaging, luminous POS sign, luminous display stand, etc. They are both the application of our excellent EL technology, combined with the application of  LED technology. SZEL has held more than 10 product patents. As a designated manufacturer for many the big brands, our factory has passed SEDEX, ITS, TUV and BV audit. SZEL can provide you with a perfect one-stop luminous product solution from research and development, production, QC inhouse, transportation. Please contact us to turn your most creative ideas into a reality!

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SZEL  has passed SEDEX, ITS, TUV, and BV audit, Our main products include LED menu, Luminous bottom labels, Luminous packaging, Luminous POS signs, Illuminate Menu and Luminous display tracks


Welcome to contact us, share your idea, we shall make your bright idea brighter.

Luminous Label factory

SZEL Factory headquartersy

In the bustling city of Shenzhen, there is a charming factory - Shengfeng Electroluminescence Technology Co., Ltd. It produces best-in-class products that deliver exceptional experiences to customers around the world.Our factory is located in Guanghao Industrial Park, Shenzhen, with a unique geographical location and convenient transportation, just 19 minutes from the charm of Hong Kong.

Product Workshop

Our efficient and professional production process ensures that every product can show excellent quality.Our main products are luminous wine license and luminous wine label, luminous advertising, luminous packaging, luminous gift and other luminous wine derivatives. These products use unique technology to shine brightly in the dark, creating a mysterious, romantic atmosphere for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other venues. At the same time, our products are also available in multiple languages to meet the needs of different countries and regions.

Illuminate Menu workshop

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We have an experienced and skilled team. They are committed to researching innovative technologies and continuously optimizing production processes to improve product performance and reduce costs. At the same time, we also pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers, customize personalized products according to customer needs, and provide customers with the best quality service.


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SZEL is a supplier of a series of creative luminous products, including LED menu covers, luminous bottle labels, luminous packaging, luminous POS signs, and luminous display racks

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