What is luminous Champagne?

The Luminous Champagne is specially designed to present your brand Champagne in the dark as it deserves. For nightclub, the most exclusive parties and galas around the world. Elegance and design, paired with the best quality in wine making makes your champagne with the luminous label globally unique and very exclusive!

What Champagne glows in the dark?

The Luminous Label brings light into the dark – whether in clubs, at festivals, or at parties at home! At a push of a button on the bottom of the bottle, the label starts to glow in a mystic green color that stands for the champagne’s green vineyards. also we can make the label in other colors, for example, pink light stands for Rose, yellow light stands for golden, ice blue, etc. With a total lighting time more than six hours, the LED luminous label can be switched on and off at any time. Of course, the label is water-resistant – so that the bottle doesn’t turn off at the ice bucket or in the freezer.
For more information, please contact SZEL, let’s make your Champagne glows in the dark.
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illuminated wine label

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