Luminous Wine Label How does it work?


There is a small switch at the bottom of the bottle. When turned on, the iconic crest label lights up. It emits a glowing luminescence for up to 6-10 hours – a great addition to any celebration and the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast! With its excellent waterproof performance, it can be placed in the ice bucket, water and refrigerated in the freezer, still can work well.

Product description features

  1. Made by Electroluminescent technology with external base
  2. Ultra-thin, flexible, Comes with waterproof adhesive
  3.  Function: static light mode, flash mode, sound activated mode, etc.
  4. The luminous labels are realized in 3 bottle sizes: regular (70/75ml), magnum (1.5L) even for jeroboam (3L).


  1. Random sample is available within 3 -7 days.
  1. The production time of custom sample is about one week

More applications in wine & spirits: For different types of bottles, we have created more labeling modes.

  1. The perfect combination of EL label and LED label further strengthens the brand and refreshes its presence at night
  1. LED luminous label, all-in-one mode, without an external base, the application scope of the label is greatly improved and the user experience is improved
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